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Solution- We at Texas Plumbing feel that complete pipe replacement with a proven 25 year warranty pipe is always the best solution. In fact if other plumbing companies don't offer this as an option, then we personally question the adequacy and integrity of the technician and his/her company as we have seen too many instances where there has been one slab leak after another more common than not. Common things we see and frown upon are instances like sleeving smaller lines through existing leaking copper pipes, sometimes lines that feed entire bathrooms or even houses. This greatly reduces your pressure, volume, and even the water heater's ability to recover at it's normal ratio. Furthermore, since we have third generation tile and sheetrock installers, we are able to offer services warranted by the company that few other companies do.

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Leak Detection

 Texas Plumbing leak detection- Slab leaks are occurring more often than ever presently. This aspect of water leak detection and slab leak detection is tedious by nature and requires highly experienced leak detection specialists to diagnose and isolate the problem. We could write and talk about slab leaks theories and probable causes for days but we personally have noticed two absolute common denominators on slab leaks and they are as follows; water and copper..... your probably laughing right now but this is truth. We have seen every possible theory proven wrong for the most part. So what do we know? Copper is reaching its age and since it was only warranted for twenty years to begin with it is getting old. Water by its very nature is destructive and combining these two denominators well something is going to give. Proper water treatment helps significantly, proper water pressure is vital as we are dealing with friction and of course a closed system needs room for expansion.

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Slab Leak Detection

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