Storage Tank Water Heaters

Water Heater Repairs in Kerrville & Boerne

The most popular type of water heater in North America is the storage tank heater. These water heaters consist of a tank that ranges in size from 20 to 100 gallons. The tank heats the water to a desired temperature and then stores the water in the tank for later use. This system has the advantage of requiring a small amount of energy at a time, and hot water is always ready for use. The downside is that the water can cool while it while it sits in the tank of the water heater, forcing the burner or elements to reheat the water again and again. Another disadvantage is that, once the tank is emptied of hot water it takes an extended amount of time to get more.

 According to, heating water accounts for approximately 15 percent of a homes energy use. High efficiency water heaters use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard models, saving homeowners money on their utility bills. Actual energy savings from high efficiency water heaters depend on family size, water heater location, and the size and placement of water pipes

 Once again, storage tank water heaters, as the name implies, have a large storage tank ready to dispense hot water at a moments notice and are the most common type of water heating in Kerrville, Boerne and surrounding areas throughout the Texas Hill Country. With a storage tank, you store 20-100 gallons of hot 140 degree water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week though you only use hot water a couple of times a day. They are also available in many different sizes and fuel types. There are several types of Storage Tank Water Heaters available including electric water heaters, natural gas water heaters, oil, and propane water heaters. The water can be heated with gas flames, electric heating elements, or many other methods.

Electric Powered Models

Electric water heaters rely on electricity to heat the water in your home. If one doesn't have other gas appliances or a gas line running in their home, an electric water heater is their only option, unless they are willing to pay the cost of having gas lines installed. Electric models heat water directly by using electric elements submersed inside the water heater tank. Dual element water heaters, placed one low and one high in the tank distribute heat more evenly throughout the stored water.

Oil and Gas Fired Water Heaters (natural, LP)

Gas water heaters use natural gas to heat the water in the home. In order to install a gas water heater in your home, you must have a gas line running to your home. Gas, propane and oil-fired water heaters heat the tank, which in turn heats the water. This type of water heating system provides more hot water and a faster recovery rate (reheating time) than electric water heaters. Unlike a gas powered water heater with an integrated combustion chamber situated directly under the water storage tank, the oil burner is attached to the front of the water heater and propels a flame into a separate chamber. This provides our plumbers in Kerrville, Boerne and surrounding area with easy access to oil burners, which are, by design, more complex than gas burners.

 The higher the energy factor of a water heater, the more efficient the water heater is. Gas water heaters' energy factors range from .5 to .7 while electric water heaters have factors between .75 and.95. So, electric water heaters are more efficient, but if electricity is several times more expensive, gas water heaters will still likely be cheaper to run. The benefit of a gas water heating unit all depends on how much gas costs where you live. In some areas, gas is several times cheaper than electricity. For instance, in Kerrville and Boerne, natural gas can be one-third the cost of electricity when heating water. For all your storage tank water heater repair or replacement, call us at Texas Plumbing and we will have one of our knowledgable plumbers at your doorstep as soon as possible, usually the same day. 

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