• Older toilets have universally sized repair parts.
  • Older toilets flush better.
  • Older toilets rinse the bowl better.
  • Older toilets have less stoppage problems.

Toilet Repairs in Kerrville and Boerne

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 Toilet problems are very common in every house and business everyday. At Texas Plumbing we believe we have the best internal toilet repair parts available in the industry. Our plumbers in Kerrville and Boerne are fully stocked with everything most toilets need such as fill valves, flush valves, toilet flapper repairs and closet bolts. These toilet repairs in Kerrville and Boerne are warranted for 5 years.Our repair parts are the best we have ever used as we hardly ever have a callback on any of them for any reason.

 Several notations for consumers in the market for a new water closet (toilet) are as follows;

Our plumbers in Kerrville and Boerne's surrounding areas where water seems to be much harder have also noticed that the most common repair parts sold at frequented stores do not hold up so well as they are not hard water resistant. Our toilet repair plumbers are proud of our chlorine and hard water resistant toilet replacement parts since these are simply non factors with our brands. Call us at Texas Plumbing and we will explore all your toilet options and offer permanent solutions for a fair price! 830 890-8812